Throughout this century, a quiet revolution has been breaking out in many parts of the world. Like most of them, this invention has been strenuously resisted – still, now it grows.


Unreported by the mainstream media, establishment scientific journals or university research publications, it affects everyone and everything on Earth.

The world is heading straight for a total collapse, and on top of it all the ones that are going to suffer are the general people.


It is happening in the seemingly obscure, high-tech field of energy production, but its basics are easy to understand and priceless to know, offering each of us unprecedented power and challenging coot concepts of not only what we can do but who we are.


Curious, ingenious minds, working with cold fusion, magnetic motors and superconductivity, have made discoveries that can revolutionize how we travel, work and live.



On many occasions they have observed experimental results which appear to violate currently known laws of physics, chemistry and electrodynamics- such phenomenon is called free energy or over-unity energy, usually meaning that more energy is produced by a system or reaction (magnetic motor or cold-fusion reaction) than appears to go into it.


A better explanation is that the "excess" energy is coming from an unexplained source. (Example: The atomic bomb is an over - unity device: it produces tremendously more energy, as harmful radiation, than is needed to trigger the reaction.)


Skeptics' first question about such inventions is usually: "If this technology is for real and discoveries have been made, why have they not been reported or mass-produced here in the United States or abroad far on energy-hungry world?"


The answer is suppression



This can be active-as by a competing company that does not want the invention marketed: destroying the lab and the prototype, and threatening to kill the inventor if he attempts to market the device again.

Passive suppression can involve a rich competitor, such as a major oil or energy company that buys up the inventor's patent with no intention of bringing the product to market until the demand for oil or energy greatly exceeds supply and gas prices soar.


The company would then ride in on white horses to "save the people" with its 200-miles-per-gallon carburetor or 300 % efficient magnetic motor or super-powerful batteries for electric vehicles.

Another type of passive suppression comes from some universities receiving major funding from oil or energy companies - of nuclear establishment sources. These might refuse to do research or might muzzle bright professors who wish to publish theories on what, how and why of over-unity motors.


Likewise, the U.S. Patent Office itself refuses to grant patents on the technology, claiming that "perpetual motion" machines or magnetic motors aren't patentable.


Yet, the possibility of developing over-unity energy technology continues to attract and hold the attention of some clever, nonconformist inventors who admire geniuses like Nikola Tesla, John Keely, T. Henry Moray' and others. Two primary lines of research and discovery have been targeted: "clean", cold fusion versus "dirty" hot fusion and zero-point' magnetic energy.

Despite their enormous value to mankind (or because of it), these technologies continue to be suppressed, either actively or passively.


In the next few minutes I’m going to reveal the story of how I and 483.950 other people just like you, reduced our electric bill up to 95% and more in just 60 days.


In fact many of our friends, neighbors and customers have completely eliminated their electric bill forever. That’s right, we pay 0 to the electric company and now you can become part of this exclusive group too.

I’m going to show you how quickly and easily produce free 100% green electricity, 7 days a week and break free from big energy for the rest of your life.

But let me ask you, are you fed up paying through the nose each month for overpriced electricity, are you disgusted  being chained to the big utility monster to get your power? Do your eyes pop out of your head each month when you open your electric bill?


My name is Kevin O’Neal and I know exactly how you feel, because that’s how I felt watching a good portion of my paycheck being siphoned off each month just to heat or cool my house, or to cook on my electric stove. It was like a fat hose was attached from my bank account directly to the power company.

Every 30 days you can hear a loud sucking noise, the sound of my hard earned money being drained from my account.

They had me by the throat and being an electrician by trade it was a double win, it felt like they were squeezing the life out of me. And that didn’t felt right. Being dependent on any big wave company for the bare bone basics in life nodded at me like a bear caught in a trap, I knew I had to do something.


So 4 years ago I was desperate to reduce my every increasing and sky rocketing electric bills, I changed all my light bulbs to energy efficient ones, I unplugged all my stuff from the walls when I wasn’t using them, TV, stereo, lights, clocks. I even went without air conditioning on scorching summer days, and I live in California, so you can imagine how blazing hot the sun is in July .

My wife and kids were sweating and dripping in the heat, plugging and unplugging every cord every day, weren’t too thrilled with their energy maniac husband and dad. After all said and done I managed to save only 16 dollars of my electric bill

My family disowned me, my valued environmentally conscious efforts to conserve energy and save 16 bucks bought me a month sweat stained clothes and overheated grumpy kids. I was furious, not with my wife and kids but with the electric company and my dependency on them


I knew I had to find another solution, because simply trying to conserve energy doesn’t work. What happened next changed my life. One night while I was watching TV, I saw a commercial for a company that made solar panels, so I furiously scribbled their number and called them up.

Hahaa…I thought to myself…now I can stick it to the power company, or so I thought.


After spending a few hours with the sales rep from the solar company, he finally gave me the price. My jaw dropped to the floor when he told it would cost a whopping 15.000 dollars for a simple solar installation, a system that wouldn’t even cover my electric usage. I was still gonna be shilling out for electricity.

I immediately got back on the phone and called other solar companies, I was certain there had to be something more reasonable out there. Guess what? Prices range from 14.000 to 18.000. I really wanted to go solar but there was no way I could afford that.

My frustration gave way to downright depressions, I thought, maybe the electric company wins again. Big energy just delivered a knockout punch right to my kisser. As I stood in my bowl of self-pity, it hit me, like all sparks of brilliance it was so darn simple.

I’ve remembered something from college. I’ve remembered that my electrical engineering professor told us something about the so called free energy systems. So, I’ve started to do some research on the internet and found out that it really is possible to create an independent source of power, powerful enough to drastically reduce your electric bill, that can be built with proper tools and some materials that can be bought from your local hardware supply stores or online.

At the beginning I was skeptical but it sounded so promising, and I was desperate to save some bucks. Now even though I’m an electrician, I knew zip how to build this sort of systems. But what if for a fraction of the cost of buying solar panels I could invest in making one of these devices. I’d save a fortune.

This really was the last straw. If this option didn’t work, I’d be the electrical company’s water boy, for life. So I dug in my heels. I googled countless hours researching how to make an unique system to power my house. I went on numberless electrical forums, asking power professionals question after question. My head was exploding with information. I’ve came to an incredible expensive parts list from the internet.

So I took a walk to a scrapyard and the local hardware store where my buddy Leo worked, told him what I was doing and purchased the materials I needed. I took my plans and materials backyard and got to work, and guess what I completed my energy device in just 5 hours. Wait, it gets better, the cost of my home made “power station” was under 200 dollars .


Not 14.000, not 5000 not even 1000…just 183.70$


I literally jumped for joy and hit the moon. Next day, I hooked it up to my home circuit in one shot. Easy Fizzy! My house was now energy independent. I was on cloud nine, floating above all the electric powered houses in the neighborhood.

And then I basically forgot about it for four weeks. Then through my living room window, I saw the mail-man. It was electric bill day. I watched him open the mail box and slip the envelope inside.



My heart started pounding like a drum in my chest. Not because I was scared of how much I was charged, I was nervous because I was about to find out if all those days of research and hard work was worth it. I already told a few friends about my DIY system, and they basically laughed in my face so I really wanted this to work. I secretly hoped for a saving of about 60 dollars. I bolted out the door and raced to the mail box. I was a bundle of nerves as I opened the envelope, my eyes went right to the bill total and I froze.

Up to that point, my monthly electric bill was from 180 to 210 bucks. I was blown away. My simple, easy to build, homemade system just saved me more than 170 dollars. If I scaled and calibrate my home made device and added a few improvements, I knew I could be 100% electric company free.


That was three years ago. Today my power bill is completely whipped out.

And over the last three years I’ve saved over 5138 dollars off the cost of electricity.

That’s over five grand that I’ve been able to spend on myself and my family instead of fork it over to the blood sucking big energy companies.

It feels amazing been in total control of my power supply. And besides that, my DIY energy system is 100% legal and proved.

It wasn’t long before my friends and neighbor’s curiosity got the best of them, even the ones that thought I was nuts not even know the results.

Every single one of them asked me the same question: Can you do the same for me?

Now they all wanted to become energy independent. They saw how much money it could save them.

The word of what I did, spread like wild-fire. People I didn’t even know started calling, emailing me even knocking at my door to find how they can do what I did. I was even getting calls from folks out of state.

I was happy to help them but I went overwhelming real fast, because it was only one me and lots of them. I knew I had to do something to help others duplicate what I did.


Then it hit me.

I decided to create an easy to follow, step-by-step guide so that anybody, no matter their location could build my device with easy to find parts.


Folks automatically assumed that just because I was an electrician that it was easy for me to build the device.

So I thought about it. What about the average Joe, could anyone, a guy or gal with no technical or electrical experience be able to make system like I did?

I didn’t wanted egg on my face, so I tested my step-by-step guide first. I found 40 people, who were interested in my system but knew nothing about electricity.

I handed them my guide and came back in a week to see what they’ve build. In a week all 40 newbies were able to create a nice replica of my device that generated enough electricity to run their house and appliances. And they’ve slashed their electric bill instantly.


Here’s what some of the folks had to say:






It was the solid proof I was looking for. I know knew that anybody no matter their electrical or technical experience could use my simple to follow system to save a bucket load of money and be energy independent

That’s when O’NealEnergySlasher was born, it’s your complete guide to saving money and going green. O’NealEnergySlasher is a system successfully tested by many people all over the world.


It’s fast and easy. You’ll be up and running in just hours, and it will cut your electric consumption by up to 90%.


Just imagine sitting with your family in your home listening to great music on the stereo, cooking, making smoothies in your blender for your breakfast, watching your favorite TV show, cranking up the AC in hot day all powered by your own O’NealEnergySlasher.



Imagine the pride you’ll feel knowing you did it yourself. And don’t forget, walking out to the mail box and never again seeing a bill from the electric company.

So by now you’re probably asking: Ok Kevin, how much does the O’NealEnergySlasher cost? Let me answer that with a question.

How much is it worth to you to save 100, 120, 150 dollars per month on electric bills for the rest of your life, and put that towards you always wanted?


That’s a saving of at least 1800 dollars a year.


And finally what it would be worth to you to have me by your side, guiding you every step of the way, showing you what materials to get, how to make it, how to set it up and what costly mistakes to avoid?


Got a price on your head?


Many people would be more than happy to pay 5-600 dollars if they were guaranteed to reduce their electric bill as much as all the folks who used this system yet.


The O’NealEnergySlasher doesn’t cost anywhere near 500 dollars, in fact it doesn’t cost half of this.


When I first started to sell the O’NealEnergySlasher it sold for just 97 dollars, for the entire system including all the training videos, fast action bonuses, and 24/7 support, I was charging just 97 dollars.


But today, on this page only, I’m going to do even better than 97 dollars. You’re about to get the super deal of the century.


You’ll get my complete DIY O’NealEnergySlasher
for just 49.97 dollars



There’s no catch. I want this to be as easy and affordable as possible for everyone.

You deserve to be energy independent and to live the way you want to live. And I’d like nothing more than to help making it a reality for you.


Try this system for 60 days, follow the easy step-by-step guide and video tutorials. Email me with any issues or questions.

If you’re not happy with the device for any reason, if you feel you didn’t received 10x your investment, just drop me a friendly email and your investment will be put in your bank account right away.

That’s how confident I am that O’NealEnergySlasher is truly the ultimate money saving system you been looking for.

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